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Sheffield Business and IP Centre

Sheffield Central Library
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Although in Yorkshire Sheffield is the nearest big town for much of the region. Its Central Library is one of 13 PatLib (Patent Information Libraries) in the United Kingdom. The only other PatLib library close to the East Midlands is in Birmingham. The PatLib libraries are part of a European network that provide information on patents and other intellectual property rights to businesses and individuals in their regions. Each of the PatLib libraries has specialist librarians who offer patent, trade mark and design searches and a range of other services.

Sheffield and Birmingham Central Libraries have recently formed a partnership with the British Library and a number of other central libraries to form the Business and IP Centre Network. The network offers
"free access to a wealth of databases, market research, journals, directories and reports. There is a programme of free and low-cost one-to-one advice and workshops delivered by trained staff and business experts on a range of topics including starting up, business planning, marketing and intellectual property."
In addition to those services Sheffield Business and IP Centre also hosts an inventors group (which I helped to start over 8 years ago), an innovator in residence and regular patent clinics (free consultations with local patent or trade mark agents).

From time to time Sheffield Business and IP Centre organizes special events which I will try to mention in this blog whenever I can. The next such event is Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Movers and Shakers which will consist of a talk by Rekha Mehr followed by a live streaming from London of a panel discussion by
The event will take place at The Electric Works, Sheffield Digital Campus, Sheffield, S1 2BJ on 22 Sept 2014 between 17:45 and 21:00 (see "Forthcoming Events: Sheffield - Movers and Shakers" 13 Aug 2014 IP Yorks).

Although not connected with the Library there is another event in Sheffield which may interest readers and that is Mel Wong's attempt to break the word record for continuous grands battements (high kicks in ballet) which will take place at Hype dance studios on 22 Aug 2014 (see "Forthcoming Events: Sheffield - Mel's World Record Attempt" 13 Aug 2014 IP Yorks).

You can contact Sheffield Business and IP Centre by telephone on 0114 2734736 or by Email

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