Thursday, 29 January 2015

Northamptonshire Central Library joins the PatLib Network

Northamptonshire Central Library
Photo Wikipedia

The PatLib network is a European network of libraries providing information on patents and other intellectual property rights to their local communities. I have written extensively about the PatLib network and you will find basic information and links to my other articles in PatLib Libraries in the UK 29 Jan 2015 Inventors Club blog, There are 15 PatLib libraries in the UK and Northamptonshire Central Library is one of the latest to join the network.

The Library offers a variety of business support and IP services in association with Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership. These include:
  • information on IP, copies of IPO and EPO literature
  • enquiry service by appointment
  • advice on searching
  • free public access to internet, IP information resources, databases
  • commissioned IP searches
  • bespoke training sessions
  • business information advice sessions
  • referrals to other advice/service providers
  • workshops and seminars.
More information about these and other services can be obtained from the Northamptonshire Enterprise Hub Facebook page.


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